Laser Receiver LE-72

The resolution is 0.1 mm. By repeated measurements in conjunction with averaging a very high accuracy is achieved. Laser receiver LE-72 for rotating laser beam. The LE-72 is equipped with a sensor which scans the measuring range of 70 mm (2.756 inch) to find the laser beam / light plane automatically. The position detected is shown on an LCD display digitally in mm or inch. The zero point can be adjusted across the complete measuring range. It is therefore also possible to measure + or – and ± values. An accidental zero adjustment is excluded. The data can be transmitted wirelessly to the PC. You can choose between single, continuous and interval measurement, with either manual or automatic data storage. The measured data can be stored in an internal data memory. The end of a single measurement is indicated by a beep. The measured value remains visible for further 60 seconds. During this time the next measurement can be started by a short press of the On/Off button. Otherwise the device switches off. A particular highlight is the continuous measurement with adjustable time interval and data logging, including date and time. This allows easily, for example, long-term monitoring of buildings. The program “Continuous Measurement” is used to measure objects in motion.


  • Outstanding specifications
    Resolution 0.1 mm, Accuracy +/- 0.15 mm

  • Brightly illuminated, easily legible LCD display
    Self-explanatory, for on/off, device data, company data, reading, sign, measured in mm or inch, time, operational status, battery status and menu.

  • Robust metal housing
    Plastic-coated, filled with nitrogen, 100 % waterproof (except battery compartment).

  • NiMH rechargeable batteries
    Battery life up to 50 hours with one battery charge. Quick exchange of batteries, rechargeable in 4 hours. Optional operation with 2 standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries.

  • Multilingual menu
    Easy language selection: German / English / Netherlands

  • Security
    To avoid theft, the name of the owner can be stored in the device.

  • Bluetooth® interface

  • Memory for 2600 measured values
    Kunststoff beschichtet, Stickstoff gespült und gefüllt, 100 % wasserdicht (ohne Batteriefach).

  • Interval measurement
    A measurement is carried out in the preset time interval and the measured value is saved automatically. The time remaining until the next measurement is shown in seconds or minutes respectively.