VS-70 LE-Level Surveying Software, Licence for 1

Surveying Software for precision laser receivers LE-71 and LE-72.

The program LE-Level is used to monitor changes in position. The measured data are displayed as numerical values and in graphic form either as bar graph or diagram. The measured data are logged in adjustable intervals of time or manually at the press of a button. Separate limit values, zero points and bar scales can be set for each of the maximum of seven measurement channels. An audible alarm can be triggered or an SMS-message sent to a mobile telephone when limit values are broken or other errors occur.

System requirements:
– Free Linux Mint 19 Mate (64 Bit) or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64 Bit) operating system
– Screen resolution at least 1024 x 600 pixels,256 MB RAM, processor clock rate at least 1 GHz
– Supported Bluetooth adapter
– GEO laser receiver of the type LE-71 or LE-72 with matching LE-Level licence key
– A mobile telephone with USB interface supported by the program “gsm-utils” is needed for SMS alarm messaging

– Runs also in virtual enviroment (e.g. VirtualBox)

Licence for 1 laser receiver with USB Bluetooth adapter, class 1