GEO-Laser remote

The “GEO-Laser Remote App” offers mirroring of both the display and function keys for remote control of our lasers. The laser is therefore fully remote-controllable and operable. Changes in the laser
are shown in the app immediately.

The app is available in German and English.

The “GEO-Laser Remote App” is compatible with the following devices:
Lasers: RL-78L/-79L, RL-87L, NL-8/-9/-9V, IL-9xL, PL-95L, UL-89L
Laser receivers: LE-71/-72

Available in Google PlayStore

  • Single Measurement
    Trigger and display in the mode “Single Measurement”

  • Continuous Measurement
    Trigger, termination and definition of the boundary conditions in the mode “Continuous Measurement”

  • Monitoring of limit values
    Clear bar chart display of the measured values

  • Export and storage function
    Export and storage function for logged measured values and the internal receiver storage.

  • Zero offset
    Der Nullpunkt lässt sich bequem via Funk verstellen.

  • Set factory zero

  • Synchronise time
    Synchronise time of the smart phone/tablet with the receiver