Interior Construction Laser IL-91L

The automatic rotary laser IL-91L is  an  all-round  laser  for  horizontal  and  vertical  use capable  of electronic self-levelling over three axes. Equipped with a beam split prism in the rotor head, it can also be used as a square or plumb laser. It emits a stationary or rotating laser beam, which turns into a light plane. Although it was specially developed for interior installation works, it can also be used for many other purposes.

The green laser beam now also improves visibility of the beam in difficult light situations in interior construction applications in the usual GEO quality. The reasons for this are that the human eye is about four times more sensitive to green light than red light and green light is not outshone by the reddish solar spectrum as strongly.

The internal installation lasers of the latest generation also have a radio module that enable use of them with our locking receivers. This allows easy control of the light plane in the room. As soon as the receiver detects the light plane, it is automatically moved to the position defined by you. Deviations are recognised immediately and the system automatically adjusts the plane.

With the help of the locking receiver, the laser plane can be aligned automatically to the necessary building axis in the simplest of ways.

And if you are working on a swaying or crooked platform, e.g. in shipbuilding, the horizontal laser plane can also be locked in both axes using two locking receivers.

When working by sight under difficult light conditions, the laser can be switched from rotary to laser scan mode. The laser then projects only an adjustable broad line, which is significantly easier to see than the rotating beam.

The IL-91L can additionally be controlled from a distance with our optional FB-10 remote control or with the free app “GEO-Remote”.

And even the most adverse conditions of use are no problem for our internal installation laser: like all GEO lasers, the IL-91L is absolutely watertight and the robust full-metal housing filled with nitrogen.