Our professional laser for all types of levelling and alignment work in interior construction and beyond.

Upright setup of the laser enables the rotating light beam to project a precisely levelled plane as a reference plane into the room. This plane can then be used e.g. for the transfer of benchmarks, for alignment of dropped ceilings and raised floor installations, as well as for general ground levelling work.

Moreover, the plumb beam emitted perpendicular to the rotating laser plane enables the transfer of points to height in a precise way. The optionally available Base Plate/ Plumb Tripod ST-08 ensures accurate positioning of the laser above a point on the ground.

When operated flat on the ground, the laser creates a rotating, vertical plane of light, which can be used e.g. for vertical orientation of stud frames or for alignment tasks. In this case, the plumb beam enables the staking out of right angles in a given space in an easy way.

The laser receivers used commonly have a resolution of up to 0,5 mm and come equipped, upon request, with a plain text LCD display, directly showing, in millimeters, the deviation from the reference plane.

The special optics of the IL-90L makes possible the emission of a very thin light beam, improving visibility in interior spaces. In what is known as scan mode, the laser turns back and forth between two adjustable boundary points, also improving the beam’s visibility.

Like all GEO lasers, our laser for interior works is 100% waterproof and filled with nitrogen, enabling it to withstand even the tough conditions of outdoor construction site use.

Various accessories like the BW-80 Base Plate/Wall Mount or the Benchmark Rod complement our product range.