Interior Construction Laser IL-80L

The automatic rotary laser IL-80L is  an  all-round  laser  for  horizontal  and  vertical  use capable  of electronic self-levelling over three axes. Equipped with a beam split prism in the rotor head, it can also be used as a square or plumb laser. It emits a stationary or rotating laser beam, which turns into a light plane. Although it was specially developed for interior installation works, it can also be used for many other purposes.

  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling and cut-out in case of low battery or jerky movements.

  • Manual rotor adjustment
    Easy operation for exact positioning of the laser beam, rotor fixing and plumbing down.

  • Scan operation
    Generates a limited, significantly brighter laser beam line.

  • Automatic function can be switched off
    Therefore inclination adjustment by points of reference possible.

  • Special laser beam quality
    Diode laser with visible thin beam, high-powered lens, high life expectancy and low power consumption

  • Laser safety
    Laser class 2, laser power < 1 mW. No special safety precautions necessary. The easy standard laser class.

  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
    Operation up to 28 hours, makes the user independent of external power sources. Recharged in four hours.

  • Increased safety
    Control indicators with blinking warning system for levelling, operating status and low battery.

  • User-friendly keyboard
    Clear layout, functional, big keys.

  • Robust metal housing
    Plastic coated, swept and filled with nitrogen, 100 % watertight.

  • Checking and adjustment
    Easily possible at the building site as well. The device does not have to be opened for adjustment.