Locking Receiver, green FE-53GN

Automatical search, finding and locking of the alignment (direction).

Basically, the FE-53GN can be operated in two different modes:

  1. Measuring receiver: It receives a green rotating laser beam and indicates its position to the light plane by way of two LEDs and various signal tones.
  2. Locking receiver: In this mode the laser and receiver correspond via radio circuit. The rotating laser beam of the y-axis is controlled by the locking receiver: It is directed to the centre and fixed there. For special applications it is also possible to use two locking-receivers and to control both axis of the laser; e.g. for projecting a horizontal inclinded laser plane, which is defined by two point in the room.

Simultaneous operation of FE-53GN and remote contro FB-10 or our app “GEO-remote” is not possible.

  • Hohe Reichweite
    bis 100 m

  • Robust design
    Water-tight, metal-housing