Rotary Laser RL-70L

The automatic rotary laser, type RL-70L/-71L is an all-round laser for horizontal use capable of electronic self-levelling over two axes. It emits a laser beam, which turns into a light plane as it rotates.

  • Performance features
    Laser class 2, laser power < 1 mW. The easy standard laser class. No special safety precautions necessary.

  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling and cut-out in case of low battery or jerky movement.

  • Automatic function can be switched off
    Therefore inclination adjustment by points of reference is possible.

  • Optical sight
    For quick alignment of the inclination axis.

  • Illuminated, clearly legible LCD display
    Self-explanatory, for on/off, device data, company data, lock function, operating status, battery level and menu.

  • Increased safety
    Control indicators with blinking warning system for levelling, operating status and low battery.

  • Robust metal housing
    100 % watertight, Plastic-coated, swept and filled with nitrogen.

  • Special laser beam quality
    Diode laser with visible beam, high-powered lens, high lifeexpectancy and low power consumption.

  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
    Operation time to 28 hours with one charge. Rechargeable in max. 5 hours without having to take out the battery

  • Uncompromisingly easy
    All you have to do is switch on/off. The rest is done by the RL-70L/-71L automatically.

  • Checking and adjustment
    Easily possible at the building site as well. The device does not have to be opened for adjustment.

  • Examples of use
    Industrialised building, sheet pile ramming, ceiling installation, screed work, height transfer, height control, excavation work, road/track levelling, shuttering, foundation work, concrete work, lifting of buildings, tank construction, body-making and for machine control of excavators, caterpillars, finishers, graders.