Height transfer and control, excavations, the alignment of formwork and walls, screed-laying and concreting work: these are classic applications of GEO lasers in the area of structural and civil engineering

Depending on the application at hand, different types of lasers are available:

The simplest self-levelling rotary laser creates a plane of light that is automatically levelled in space to serve as a reference plane for a wide array of levelling tasks. This way, in combination with a laser receiver, it is possible e.g. to determine the height of concrete casting, transfer reference heights, level formwork, and align ceilings and slabs.

The larger models in our series of rotary lasers enable both the horizontol setup just described plus the horizontal projection of vertical laser planes. These serve as a reference axis for vertical alignment and for staking out the direction of e.g. formwork, walls, and facades.

With the projection of an additional plumb beam onto the rotating laser plane, the verticals of formwork and walls can be adjusted and controlled.

Using select laser types, our locking receiver enables easy and precise alignment of profiles and the staking out of building axes: While the laser is set up above the first point and the locking receiver above the second, the automatic locking ensures that the laser plane is always guided onto, and kept in, the center point of the receiver. This way, the laser plane passes exactly through the two defined points.

In combination with our dual grade lasers, the receiver is also capable of determining the existing grades of all types of terrain and of setting the desired grade of the laser.

With a variety of accessories such as e.g. our building construction system, consisting of profile clamps for lasers and laser receivers, we offer you a complete package suited to your needs.