Pipe Laser KL-901

The latest generation of GEO pipe laying lasers: Special attention was paid to simple and intuitive operation on the construction site. The green laser beam, which is clearly visible even in sunlight, makes work easier, as does the high-contrast, easy-to-read graphic OLED display.

Building on the same high quality you have come to expect from GEO, our new green laser beam noticeably enhances visibility of the target, even in difficult lighting conditions. This is because the human eye is four times more receptive to green light than to red. In addition, green light does not get overpowered so much by the red spectrum of the sunlight.

Our pipe laser emits an automatically levelled or defined inclined laser beam as reference axis. It was specifically designed for pipe laying, but can also be used for a variety of other purposes. It can be set up centrically or at a constant distance above the pipe invert. Suitable legs, tripods and fastening systems are available for this.

The latest electronics also allow us to display an electronic spirit level for correct positioning in the pipe.

Also available as KL-900 with laser class 2.

    • Laser class
      Laser class 3R, laser power < 5 mW Special features: laser power adjustable in 5 steps.
    • Fully automatic
      Automatic levelling, banking compensation, inclination zeroing, direction centring and cut-out in case of undervoltage or jerky movement.
    • Robust metal housing
      Anodised, plastic-coated, filled with nitrogen, 100% watertight.
    • Special laser beam quality
      Diode laser with visible green laser beam, high life expectancy and low power consumption. The human eyes are 4 times more sensitve for green light rather then red light.
    • Easy-read OLED display
      The brightly illuminated display ensures very good readability even in difficult lighting conditions. The graphic displays, especially in the settings, are intuitive and easy to understand and simplify operation considerably.
    • Easy to use keyboard
      Clear, functional, large user-friendly keys.
    • Electronic bubble level
      For easy and intuitive alignment of the laser in the tube.
    • Li-Ion battery
      Operating time up to 34 hours on one charge. Rechargeable in a maximum of 5 hours without removing the battery.
    • Proven mounting feet
      Guarantee a secure, force-centred stand in the tube.




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