Inclination Laser NL-702

With the latest generation of processors, our proven mechanics have an unbeatable easy-to-read OLED display. In addition to new and simplified functions, our devices are now even more intuitive and easier to operate thanks to the graphic user interface.

The NL-702 lasers are self-levelling inclination lasers via two axes. They project either a horizontal or a reference surface of defined inclination up to 20 % on one or two axes into space. Instead of a telescope sight (NL-701) this laser is fitted with an optical sight.

  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling, shut-off in case of jerky movement and warning function in case of wind and vibration in different sensitivity levels.

  • Robust metal housing
    Plastic coated, purged and filled with nitrogen, 100% waterproof. Developed for tough construction site use.

  • Inclination measurement parallel to the ground
    When the existing ground slope is taken over in the unit by means of an FE-54 locking receiver, the inclination is then displayed.

  • Increased security
    To prevent theft, the name of the owner can be stored in the unit and is shown briefly in the display when the unit is switched on.

  • Easy-to-read OLED display
    The brightly illuminated display ensures excellent readability even in difficult lighting conditions. The graphic displays, especially in the settings, are intuitive and easy to understand, and simplify use considerably.

  • Special laser beam quality
    Diode laser with visible beam high life expectancy and low power consumption.

  • Range deactivation of laser
    Thereby the emission of laser beam can be limited from 400 gon to 300 gon or 200 gon or 100 gon to avoid reflexions.

  • Li-ion battery
    The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 27 hours of operating time and is recharged in a maximum of 5 hours.

  • Radio remote control FB-11 (optional)
    The remote control shows the display of the laser synchronously and allows remote control from up to a distance of 350 m.

  • Choice of language
    The display texts can be changed from German to English if required.

  • Electronic level
    For exact levelling of the unit, a circular bubble is shown in the display if required.

  • Adjustable rotor speed for all applications
    The rotor speed can be adjusted in a range of 300 to 1200 rpm. For special applications, the rotation can also be switched off and the rotor head turned manually with the buttons.