Drifting Laser VL-80

The VL-80 is an exceptional laser. lt was specifically designed for pipe driving, but can also be used for a variety of other purposes. lt emits an automatically levelled or defined inclined target beam and a second beam for direction locking.

  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling, inclination zeroing, direction centring and cut-out in case of low battery or jerky movement.

  • Advantageus diode laser beam
    Low power consumption with high life expectancy. Target beam laser power adjustable in five steps from 1 to < 5 mW for various requirements.

  • Increased safety
    Control indicators with blinking warning system for levelling, low battery and end positions. Shift guard for inclination and direction setting. The values that have been set remain stored in the laser even after switching off or in the case of a low battery. The name of the owner can be saved in the device to protect against theft.

  • Illuminated, clearly legible LCD display
    Self-explanatory, for on/off, device data, company data, lock function, inclination, algebraic sign, unit % or ‰, centring, direction limitation, operating status and menu.

  • Easy-to-use keyboard
    Clear layout, big, user-friendly, self-explanatory keys.

  • Robust metal housing
    Anodised, plastic-coated, filled with nitrogen, 100% watertight.

  • Flexible power supply
    12 V/DC = Energy box EB-12/24 or 12 V rechargeable battery 230 V/AC = Power supply NE-12 or other 12 V/DC power sources

  • Perfected design
    Excellent handling, high functionality and reliable operation.