High-rack shelf construction, in particular, requires precise orientation of verticals as well as accurate alignment. Here GEO lasers are on home turf.

Levelling a structure’s height is virtually a standard application of rotary lasers. To measure vertical orientation and alignment, a laser should be used which is capable of projecting a vertical light plane into space. This plane is then aligned in such a way that its position in space is exactly vertical, enabling its direction to provide the desired alignment.

Precise vertical orientation of the laser plane is ensured by the laser’s automatic levelling capability. Direction adjustment for precise parallel alignment of the laser plane is done, in a first step, by way of determining two reference points which define the target axis.

In a second step, the laser is set up above one of the points, while a locking receiver is mounted above the other, guiding the laser plane via radio signal onto its center position and keeping it in place. Now the shelving structure can be scanned with a measuring receiver and its relative distance be determined and thereby its alignment to the laser plane.

Depending on the individual application, laser and locking receiver can also be mounted directly on the frame structure, using a variety of brackets and adapters.

The simplicity of the measuring setup enables quick and efficient alignment, offering real added value while the work is performed.