Our new plumb lasers

No matter whether you are aiming your sights high up or deep down, our plumb lasers have been pointing the way to go on building sites around the world for decades. Our customers rely on the exceptional robustness and constant high precision of our instruments in almost every environment.

Our new generation of devices combines the perfection of their predecessors with the pioneering technology of the green laser beam. It noticeably enhances the visibility of the laser dot particularly in bright ambient light, thereby improving the accuracy of the reading.

Suitable for classical building, pylon and tower construction as well as for the sinking and monitoring of shafts, our plumb lasers with green beam will amaze you. They are now available on the market with immediate effect.

red target pipe laser

New targets for pipe lasers

Customers of our red pipe lasers can also look forward to an improvement as we have added our new, enthusiastically received target for green pipe lasers to our portfolio for classical red beam lasers. Equipped with a special optical system, the target also reflects the laser beam upwards at a slant, which improves reading significantly when in a standing position – a noticeable difference that facilitates the work process immensely.

The new target has been added to the standard scope of delivery of every pipe laser from us with immediate effect.

It is available as

Target DN 150 – 300
Target DN 400 – 500

Kanalbau-Laser - KL-90L - grün - grüner Kanalbaulaser - Kanalbaulaser

Our new pipe laser

Ever since the introduction of our first pipe laser, the TL-7, in 1973, our lasers have been a fixture on construction sites around the world.

All our devices are known for their robustness and their reliability, and they are appreciated for their perfect workmanship and easy handling.

Decades of experience and continuous research and development are the cornerstones of our success. But how does one continue to improve a product that is virtually perfect?

As we are always in touch with the latest technologies, we are now able to meet the highest standards of excellence and cast our pipe laser in a completely new light – a green one in fact!

We proudly introduce our new pipe lasers KL-90L and KL-91L. Building on the same high quality you have come to expect from GEO, the green laser beam noticeably enhances visibility of the target, even in difficult lighting conditions. This is because the human eye is four times more receptive to green light than to red. In addition, green light does not get overpowered so much by the red spectrum of the sunlight.

Of course, our new devices meet all the requirements of their various applications, and they fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations: While the KL-91L is categorized as a class 3R laser due to its higher output power, the KL-90L offers the unique combination of the green laser beam’s higher visibility and a convenient class 2 classification.

But that’s not all: How about a laser target that not only shows the striking light spot but also diverts it in the viewer’s direction? This way, the spot would be clearly visible even when viewed at an angle. To achieve this, we have equipped our newly developed laser target with a special optical system.

Both devices, the KL-90L and the KL-91L, including the new target, are now available for sale.

For product images and a brief video, please refer to our website.

We look forward to your curiosity!