55th birthday and company presentation

We have been developing laser measurement systems for various applications since 1965.

Our ideas and developments have always been inspired by the wide range of possible applications, giving birth to many different laser families, most of them world firsts:

From the first plumb lasers in the 1960s, to canal construction lasers and then on to rotary lasers. At the beginning with manual levelling, later self-levelling – a true revolution on the market at that time.

Always one step ahead, we introduced the first rotary lasers with locking receivers and fully automatic inclination lasers as early as the 1980s.

This decade also saw the first machine controls, measuring technology for pilot pipe jacking and the first 1/10 mm receivers.

Our automatic AD-12 tripod for independent levelling of measuring instruments is still an exotic product very much appreciated by users today.

Throughout all this time, we remained curious and tried to give you the maximum benefit with our equipment. This includes the incomparable quality, accuracy and long service life of our devices. That is something you can call sustainable!

If you want to have a closer look at what we do, why not watch our new video “Company Presentation”?