Plumb Laser LL-93L

The automatic plumb laser LL-93L with green laser beam is a laser for plumbing down in laser class 3R, capable of electronic self-levelling over two axes. Our new green laser beam noticeably enhances visibility of the target, even in difficult lighting conditions. This is because the human eye is four times more receptive to green light than to red. In addition, green light does not get overpowered so much by the red spectrum of the sunlight.

Every time where there is the need to project a point exactly vertically down, this laser is the right choice.

This laser is also available with a higher precision of ± 2,5 mm/100 m and alternatively as LL-92L with lower power in laser class 2.

  • Performance features
    Laser class 3R, laser power < 5 mW, high-power version. Laser power adjustable in five steps.

  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling and cut-out in case of low battery or jerky movement.

  • Automatic function can be switched off
    Therefore inclination adjustment by points of reference is possible.

  • Illuminated, clearly legible LCD display
    Self-explanatory, for on/off, device data, company data, lock function, operating status, battery level and menu.

  • Robust metal housing
    100 % watertight, Plastic-coated, swept and filled with nitrogen.

  • Special laser beam quality
    Diode laser with visible beam, high-powered lens, high life expectancy and low power consumption.

  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
    Operation time up to 34 hours with one charge. Rechargeable in max. 5 hours without having to take out the battery.

  • Increased safety
    Control indicators with blinking warning system for levelling, operating status and low battery.

  • Uncompromisingly easy
    All you have to do is switch on/off. The rest is done by the LL-80 automatically.

  • Checking and adjustment
    Easily possible at the building site as well. The device does not have to be opened for adjustment.