GEO-2224 Target

LED target with automatic low-current mode, 15 LEDs, aluminium housing, weight 330 g, watertight up to 2 bar. After approx. 30 min. without change of position the target turns off the LEDs. Restart by rotation of the target. Continuous flashing of the LEDs in the low-current mode is an additional safeguarding against failure: every 30 sec. all LEDs flash for 1 sec.

  • Innovative Low-Current Mode
    After approx. 30 min. without change of position, the low-current mode is activated. When low-current mode is activated, the LEDs only flash for 1 second every 30 seconds. Hereby the current consumption is reduced by approx. 96 %. Restart of the LEDs by a rotation of at least 30°.

  • Excess Temperature Warning
    When the temperature exceeds approx. 45° C, the outer 4 LEDs start blinking. When the temperature exceeds 50°, these LEDs are deactivated. Please note: Operation or storage of the target over 50° C may cause a breakdown of the target.

  • Integrated Self Test
    When the target is switched on, all LEDs briefly flash twice. If the integrated motion detector does not work, the LEDs blink ten times.

  • Watertight
    With the protection cap screwed up the target is watertight up to 2 bar. Charging jack and on/off switch are behind the protection cap.