A number of industrial applications require precise roll alignment in terms of both height and direction.

Whether in printing presses, the textile industry, or the manufacture of semi-finished metals: Space permitting, using precision lasers and receivers for roll measuring and adjustment can be an economically  viable alternative to other methods.

For the alignment of rolls at an equal height, a precsion laser is used, projecting a horizontal, rotating light plane into space. With the help of a laser receiver mounted on a scanning device that is continuously scanning the highest point of the roll, the relative position in space is determined. In our reference class, we offer precise laser receivers with a resolution of up to 1/100 mm.

In order to align the direction of rolls and shafts in parallel to one another, one first establishes a right-angled reference axis relative to the target axis. At two points of this reference axis, a locking receiver and a measuring receiver are installed, respectively, ideally, in case of recurring measurements, in a permanent way.

Positioned horizontally, the laser is now set up on the reference axis in a coarse way, enabling the plumb beam that is emitted at a right angle to the rotating laser plane to laterally scan and measure the shafts.

The locking receiver then controls the rotating laser plane and guides it into its center. By laterally sliding the laser which is mounted on a sliding guide, the laser is aligned in a precise way, with the measuring receiver enabling accurate positioning.