Video Measurement System VM-15

VM-15 with active illuminated target board. Range up to 130 m, depends on diameter of pipe and dimensions of target. The video measurement system VM-15 was specially developed for controlling pilot pipes. It can also be used for a wide variety of other tasks and has proven itself worldwide in rugged construction site conditions. The functional principle is as simple as it is ingenious a pilot pipe is pressed through the earth by the ground displacement method. The control adjustment is carried out  quite simply by the inclined face of the control head. The  inclination  is  related  to  the  control  axis  of  the  target  board. The arrangement of the target board places the all-important control axis in the centre. The target board is observed with a theodolite. A CCD camera transmits the picture to the monitor. Deviations from the target axis can be seen immediately and are corrected by turning the pilot pipe. The rotation is stopped as soon as the control axis is on the centre point of the telescope  reticule. The height and direction are then corrected automatically as driving proceeds. The target axis is reached when the centre of the target board coincides with the centre of the telescope reticule.


  • Alignment telescope
    The first solution for quick and accurate line transmission and monitoring. Use the good method of line orientation from bottom to top to your advantage.

  • Zoom-Camera
    Image scale: at 100 m target distance 1 : 0.5 to 1 : 2 Standard devation: ± 10 mm/100 m

  • LED target board
    GEO-2224 with excess temperature warning and excess temperature cutoff as optional accessory.